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ECN/STP Liquidity Model


As a client oriented company, XGLOBAL Markets always strives to ensure the best possible outcome to you without any type of classification. In this highly demanding environment, we have taken all necessary measures for the purpose of delivering the highest execution quality for all orders. To perfect your trading experience, all related factors for the execution of each trade have been taken into serious account.

Straight Through Processing (STP)

The keystone of all of our procedures is to avoid any conflict of interest with you. Having carefully considered all the available covering methods, we decided to strictly follow the STP pricing model . In practice, the model sends all your orders directly to our liquidity providers without any intervention of a dealing desk. In contrary with the Market Makers, our bridge will automatically cover your positions without any requotes when they come to us and we will only benefit from the spread difference.

Speed of Execution

We believe that the fast trade execution is one of the main factors for profiting in the Forex market. For this reason, we have formalised procedures and customised our platform to ensure that you continue to receive the fastest execution speed so you will not miss any trading opportunities. Even if you request to trade for 0.01 lots (1000 base units) or 200 lots (20 million in base units) all orders will be executed in less than a second in all trading conditions regardless of your trading strategy.

Customer service

We fully recognize the value and importance of being able to contact your service provider and talk to somebody directly regarding any possible enquiries. With this in mind we have put together a customer service team of industry experts who are dedicated to providing quality support during all market trading hours. Upon registration, all clients are allocated a Personal Account Manager to deliver a truly individual experience.

Lowest Spreads

We always deliver reliably consistent low prices for all available currency pairs and metals. This is clearly evident from the spreads that we offer irrespective of your invested amount within your account. You can place orders on the major pairs with a low spread starting from 0.8 pips. For metals, you can trade with as low as 30 pips for Gold and 3 pips for Silver making XGLOBAL Markets one of the most competitive brokers in terms of spreads.

Cost Free Trading

A cost free trading environment means that you have nothing to worry apart from your trading. There are no any commission fees involved that is calculated on your trading volume. There is no any kind of hidden charges related to your account or any type of widening of the spreads that occur due to your trading strategy. In other words, XGLOBAL Markets is extremely happy to offer a transparent and a straightforward trading experience to all of you.

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