Asset classes we work with


Our managers typically invest in large capitalisation shares listed on the OSE, OMX and NYSE stock exchanges.


BlackRock and Proshares ETFs provide our clients balanced investments in many areas with the lowest possible trade costs.


Indices track the overall stock market performance they are based on and provide low-cost diversification.


Derivatives allow allocation of funds to markets such as commodities, currencies & precious metals.

Live account monitoring

XGLOBAL offers all its clients access to a platform so that their investments can be monitored in real-time by phone or computer. Daily email statements ensure clients are on-top of their investments.

Putting your money to work

XGLOBAL Investments provides a discretionary portfolio management service. We engage our clients’ funds
in actively managed stock market investment strategies that aims to return higher than market yields.

Receive the potential to profit from both rising and falling stock values and beat stock market
yields. We cater to varying risk appetites, which our clients are free to instruct us on.

Working to clients’ goals, our relationship managers are available to meet and speak with at any time.

Discretionary investment management